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BMW 328xi (2007 - 2014)

BMW’s 3 series range includes the 328xi - a luxury sports vehicle that comes in a range of styles including station wagon, convertible, coupe and sedan. As well as its high performance design, the vehicle’s interior also includes a number of modern technological features, such as the built-in wheel-controlled iDrive. Spark plug checks and replacement are recommended after every 100,000 miles or 60 months, as well as engine oil and filter changes at 6 month intervals or 7,500 miles. With both print and online versions available, you can find all the information you need on servicing and maintaining your vehicle in the BMW 238xi repair manual from Haynes.

Choose the Haynes Manual that is right for you. Key features on your BMW 328xi include:

Print book 1yr digital subscription
Maintenance simple weekly checks to keep you on the road
Servicing complete, fully illustrated step-by-step guide for over 200 jobs in every manual
Fault codes pinpoint specific problems easily
Fuel savings expert advice on maximising MPG
Electrical easy-to-read wiring diagrams
Haynes tips valuable short cuts to save you time, money and effort
All color photos and wiring diagrams which can be enlarged-
Easy search find the task you are looking for quickly-
Print-at-home take the sections you need to the workshop-