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Air filter change Chevrolet Corvette 1997 - 2013 Petrol 6.0 V8

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Chevrolet Corvette 1997 - 2013  | 6.0 V8 Air filter change

  • time 5 to 45 minutes
  • difficulty 2
1 The air filter is located inside a housing at the front of the engine compartment on all models
2 To remove the air filter, release the strap retainer latches, then separate the cover halves and remove the air filter element
2a Pull the air cleaner housing up and remove the inner housing and air filter
3 Lift the air filter element out of the inner housing

6.2L (LS3), 6.2L (LS9) and 7.0L (LS7) models

4 Remove the air filter housing
5 Remove the air filter retainer fasteners, then remove the retainer and filter from the air cleaner housing
Note: On 6.2L (LS9) models, the filter and retainer are one piece and must be replaced as a unit

All models

6 Inspect the outer surface of the filter element. If it is dirty, replace it. If it is only moderately dusty, it can be reused by blowing it clean from the back to the front surface with compressed air. Because it is a pleated paper type filter, it cannot be washed or oiled. If it cannot be cleaned satisfactorily with compressed air, discard and replace it. While the cover is off, be careful not to drop anything down into the housing
Caution: Never drive the vehicle with the air filter removed. Excessive engine wear could result and backfiring could even cause a fire under the hood
7 Wipe out the inside of the air filter housing
8 Place the new filter into the housing, making sure it seats properly
9 On 5.7L and 6.0L engine models, make sure the top half of the housing is seated properly, then secure it with the clips
10 On 6.2L and 7.0L engine models, make sure the filter is seated in to the retainer (if separate) and the filter retainer is seated against the filter housing inlet. Tighten the fasteners securely, using an alternating pattern. Remaining installation is the reverse of removal
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