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Air filter change Chrysler Sebring 1995 - 2005 Petrol 3.0

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Chrysler Sebring 1995 - 2005  | 3.0 Air filter change

  • time 5 to 45 minutes
  • difficulty 2
1 The air filter element is located in a housing on the driver’s side of the engine compartment
2 To remove the air cleaner top cover on a typical earlier model, release the latches (arrows), lift the cover and disengage it from the locking lugs on the opposite side
3 Lift the filter element from the housing
4 On 2.7L V6 engines, loosen the hose clamp at the throttle body, disengage the tabs (arrows) connecting the end of the plastic tube to the air cleaner housing...
5 ...then remove the air filter element from the housing
6 On later 2.4L four-cylinder models, detach the clips and withdraw the air hose and filter element from the housing...
7 ...then detach the filter element from the hose
8 Inspect the inside of the air cleaner housing, top and bottom, for dirt, debris or damage. If necessary, clean the inside of the housing with a rag or shop vacuum as applicable. Install the new filter
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