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Wiper blade replacement Dodge Dakota 1997 - 2002 Petrol 2.5

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Dodge Dakota 1997 - 2002  | 2.5 Wiper blade replacement

  • time 5 to 25 minutes
  • difficulty 1
Note: The left and right-hand wiper blades are not interchangeable. The driver's side insert has eight pairs of claws securing the rubber element, while the right side has only six
1 The windshield wiper blade elements should be checked periodically for cracks and deterioration. The wiper blade assemblies on these vehicles consists of a rubber blade element secured in a multi-jointed metal assembly
2 Lift the wiper blade assembly away from the glass
3 Depress the release lever (finger is on it here) and slide the wiper blade assembly down the wiper arm and out of the hook in the end of the arm
4 The rubber blade element is not replaceable separately; the entire blade assembly must be replaced
5 Installation is the reverse of removal
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