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Air filter change Dodge Ram 1500 2002 - 2008 Diesel 6.7 six-cylinder

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Dodge Ram 1500 2002 - 2008  | 6.7 six-cylinder Air filter change

  • time 5 to 45 minutes
  • difficulty 2
1 Since the supply of air is crucial to the operation of a diesel engine, these models have an air restriction gauge built into the air filter housing to monitor the condition of the filter element. This gauge should be checked periodically to determine if the element is restricted with dirt. When the yellow disc drops into the red zone on the graduated scale, the air filter element must be replaced with a new one
2 The gauge has a yellow disc inside a graduated scale that remains at the highest point of restriction when the engine is shut off. With the engine off, check the position of the disc to see if it moved to within the red zone. If it has, replace the air filter element


3 The air filter is located inside the air filter housing mounted in the right side of the engine compartment
4 Detach the clips securing the housing cover, then separate the housing halves and lift the filter out
5 Wipe out the inside of the air filter housing with a clean rag
6 Place the new filter in the air filter housing. Make sure it seats properly, seat the two halves together and secure them with the clips
7 After installation, press the button on the top of the gauge to reset it
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