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Air filter change Honda Civic 1996 - 2006 Petrol 1.8

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Honda Civic 1996 - 2006  | 1.8 Air filter change

  • time 5 to 45 minutes
  • difficulty 2
1 At the specified intervals, the air filter should be replaced with a new one
2 Detach the clips or loosen the air cleaner cover screws (see below)
3 On Civic models with the D16Y7 engine, the air cleaner housing cover is secured by four clips (arrows)
4 On all other Civic models and CR-V models, the housing cover is secured by two clips (arrows)
5 On Integra models, remove the air cleaner cover screws with either a nut driver or screwdriver
6 Lift the cover up
7 Lift the air filter element out of the housing and wipe out the inside of the air cleaner housing with a clean rag (see below)
8 On Civic models, move the cover out of the way and remove the filter
9 On Integra models, remove the housing cover and detach the filter element from the air intake tube
10 While the air cleaner cover is off, be careful not to drop anything down into the air cleaner assembly
11 Place the new filter in the air cleaner housing. Make sure it seats properly in the housing
12 Install the air cleaner cover and tighten the screws securely
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