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Wiper blade replacement Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993 - 2004 Petrol 5.9 V8

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Grand Cherokee
1993 - 2004  | 5.9 V8 Wiper blade replacement

  • time 5 to 25 minutes
  • difficulty 1
1 The wiper and blade assembly should be inspected periodically for damage, loose components and cracked or worn blade elements
2 Road film can build up on the wiper blades and affect their efficiency, so they should be washed regularly with a mild detergent solution
3 The action of the wiping mechanism can loosen the bolts, nuts and fasteners, so they should be checked and tightened, as necessary, at the same time the wiper blades are checked
4 If the wiper blade elements (sometimes called inserts) are cracked, worn or warped, they should be replaced with new ones
5 Pull the wiper blade/arm assembly away from the glass
6 On early model rear wipers, lift the release lever and slide the blade assembly off the pin on the wiper arm and replace the assembly as a unit
7 On windshield wipers and later rear window wipers, depress the retaining tab and slide the blade assembly down and out of the hook in the wiper end
8 Detach the end of the wiper element from the frame, bend it out of the way and use needle nose pliers to pull the two support rods out of the element. With the support rods removed, slide the element out of the blade assembly
9 Compare the new element with the old for length, design, etc
10 Slide the new element into place and insert the support rods
11 Reinstall the blade assembly on the arm, wet the windshield and check for proper operation
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