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Wiper blade replacement Lincoln Navigator 1998 - 2012 petrol 5.4 V8

OnDemand step-by-step maintenance & repair BETA

Lincoln Navigator 1998 - 2012  | 5.4 V8 Wiper blade replacement

  • time 5 to 25 minutes
  • difficulty 1
1 The windshield wiper and blade assembly should be inspected periodically for damage, loose components and cracked or worn blade elements
2 Road film can build up on the wiper blades and affect their efficiency, so they should be washed regularly with a mild detergent solution
3 If the wiper blade elements are cracked, worn or warped, or no longer clean adequately, they should be replaced with new ones
4 Press on the release tab and push the blade assembly down out of the hook in the arm
5 Use needle-nose pliers to compress the rubber element, then slide the element out - slide the new element in and lock the blade assembly fingers into the notches of the wiper element
6 Installation is the reverse of removal