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Wiper blade replacement Mazda B2300 1994 - 2009 petrol 2.5

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Mazda B2300 1994 - 2009  | 2.5 Wiper blade replacement

  • time 5 to 25 minutes
  • difficulty 1
Road film can build up on the wiper blades and affect their efficiency, so they should be washed regularly with a mild detergent solution


The windshield wiper and blade assembly should be inspected periodically. Even if you don’t use your wipers, the sun and elements will dry out the rubber portions, causing them to crack and break apart. If inspection reveals hardened or cracked rubber, replace the wiper blades. If inspection reveals nothing unusual, wet the windshield, turn the wipers on, allow them to cycle several times, then shut them off. An uneven wiper pattern across the glass or streaks over clean glass indicate that the blades should be replaced

Wiper blade replacement

1 Park the wiper blades in a convenient position to be worked on. To do this, run the wipers, then turn the ignition key to Off when the wiper blades reach the desired position
2 Squeeze the retaining lever...
3 ...push the wiper blade down the arm to disengage the hook and separate the blade from the arm
4 Slide the new blade onto the wiper arm hook until the blade locks. Make sure the spring lock secures the blade to the pin

Wiper element replacement

1 Insert a screwdriver blade between the wiper blade and element. Twist the screwdriver clockwise while pressing in and down to separate the element from the end retaining claw
2 Slide the element out of the remaining retaining claws
3 Starting at either end of the blade, slide a new element into the second retaining claw (not the one closest to the end of the blade). Slide it through the other retaining claws until it reaches the end of the blade
4 Bend the element and slide it back into the claw at the end of the blade
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