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Wiper blade replacement Volkswagen Passat 1998 - 2005 Petrol 1.8

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Volkswagen Passat 1998 - 2005  | 1.8 Wiper blade replacement

  • time 5 to 25 minutes
  • difficulty 1
1 The windshield wiper blade elements should be checked periodically for cracks and deterioration
2 Lift the wiper blade assembly away from the glass
3 Depress the release lever (finger is on it here) and slide the wiper assembly down the wiper arm and out of the hook in the end of the arm
4 Squeeze the two rubber prongs at the end of the blade element, then slide the element out of the frame. Note: These elements can be replaced by hand, without pliers
5 Compare the new element with the old for length, design, etc. Some replacement elements come in a three-piece design (two metal strips, one on either side of the rubber) that is held together by several small plastic sleeves. Keep the sleeves in place on this design until you start sliding the element into the frame. Remove each of the plastic sleeves as needed when they reach the frame
6 Slide the new element into the frame, notched end last and secure the clips into the notches of the frame
7 Reinstall the blade assembly on the arm, wet the windshield and test for proper operation
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