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Suzuki Scooter Repair Manuals

Founded in 1909, Suzuki is a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer that has produced various popular models over the years. Although it specializes in motorcycles, the company also manufactures four-wheel-drive vehicles, ATVs and internal combustion engines. Suzuki started manufacturing motorcycles in the 1950s and originally only used two-stroke engines. It moved on to four-stroke engines during the 1970s, with the first of these engines being used in the GS750 in 1976.

Suzuki has also made its mark with motorcycle racing, winning multiple world championships in the 1970s. It continues to manufacture popular motorcycle models, including the GSX750 and the GSX1300R (or Hyabusa) – the latter, of which, remains Suzuki's flagship model. At Haynes we have a vast selection of Suzuki motorcycle repair manuals available; each of which have been written by experts with first-hand experience of tearing down and rebuilding the motorcycles. Each of our Haynes manuals contain detailed information and how-to guides for anyone looking to maintain, repair or service their Suzuki motorcycle.