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Tips and Tutorials

Checking Your Car's Fluid Levels
To check the various fluid levels on your car, you seldom need anything more than your eyes, and a clean rag, or some paper towel (to wipe the dipstick before taking a measurement). There are tools...
push button parking brake
An electronic handbrake, also known as an electronic parking brake, replaces a conventional manual handbrake or parking brake in a car, and is becoming more common on modern models.
brake job gone bad 2
We often get comments on our YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts asking why anyone would spend $20 or more for our products when free how-to videos are all over the internet....
Drive Axles with CV joints
modern cars with independent rear suspension or front wheel drive have a much more complex axle with constant velocity (CV) joints on either end allowing them to steer and follow the contours of the...