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Edd China youtube
Edd China’s been trying to get a Range Rover V8 back on the road, Restore It is taking an E30 BMW M3 to pieces and Curious Droid asks if we're about to see a supersonic airliner any time soon.
car tools
Absolute beginner or experienced home car mechanic? Martynn Randall reveals how he started his own car tool collection and what you need to buy if you want to do a proper job.
Chevrolet silverado haynes manuals
Watch how to check the fluids, change the shocks, fit a water pump and more on your truck or SUV with the FREE 23 videos in our YouTube playlist.
Ant Anstead Building a Special
Haynes is celebrating its first manual with the launch of a book documenting Ant Anstead's build of a 1950s F1 car – get your hands on a copy!