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Toyota Tercel at Autocross
Today, we’re going to look at getting started in one of the easiest, cheapest types of competition you can drive your car to the limit in: Autocross. Autocross is a point-to-point time trial event....
The different types of wiper blades explained
Wiper blades need no introduction, but they're a vital safety component fitted to every car. Nor are they as straightforward as you'd think, with several different types being available. ​
Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS) Warning Light
As with every other aspect of the modern world, computers now monitor the pressure in your car’s tires. While this is great for safety, and fuel economy, it has introduced new issues that owners of...
Guide to important dash warning lights
Every time you start your car, all those lights on the dash come on and then, after a few seconds, they all go off again… except that sometimes they don’t.