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2013 Ford Escape common problems

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape started off as a model developed jointly with Mazda and Mercury, but since 2012 it has been solely designed by Ford, and sold elsewhere around the world under the name Kuga.

It’s a mid-size SUV with either two- or four-wheel drive, and is aimed at small families.

However, the switch to a pure Ford design started off quite poorly, because the 2013 model has by far the biggest number of issues.

Still, that’s where Haynes can help, because even if your Escape develops the odd annoying glitch, we can help you diagnose the issue and show you how to repair it. Just invest in the Haynes Escape manual, dig out the wrenches and you’ll soon be back on the road.

Ford Escape

What recalls has the Ford Escape been subject to?

Incorrect clearance between the carpet and the pedals caused a recall of 8266 cars, because the driver could inadvertently press two pedals at once.

A fuel system that could potentially leak gas caused a recall of 9320 vehicles fitted with the 1.6-litre engine.

Then mor than 80,000 Escape models fitted with the same 1.6-litre engine were recalled because the engine could overheat, with a potential for fire.

A faulty left-rear child lock forced another recall, because the lock had to be replaced, and the Escape was one of a number of models recalled because of driver and passenger seatbacks that had substandard welding.

And in 2022, models fitted with the 6F35 automatic transmission were recalled to have shift cable bushings and a protective service cap replaced.

Ford Escape

What common problems does the Ford Escape have?

Numerous Ford Escape owners have reported a problem with the exterior door handles, which can stick out, bind, or may not return to their original position when used.

Meanwhile, a number of Ford Escape owners have reported a clunking noise from the rear end of their vehicles when driving over bumps. A faulty shock absorber is the cause.

If your Escape is fitted with the 6F35 automatic transmission, then sit tight, because this concerns you. The transmission is known to leak oil, so if you see a puddle under your car, this is a likely cause.

A whistling noise from the door mirrors on the Escape is also a comparatively common issue.

And the fuel; tank on the Ford Escape is known to emit and annoying sloshing noise at low speeds. New mounting straps sorts it out.

Ford Escape

Why is your Ford Escape door handle sticking?

So there you are, approaching your Ford Escape. You press the unlock button, and pull the handle to open the door. All good. Get in, pull the door shut and it springs open again. What’s that all about?

The problem lies with the door handle itself, which can become sticky and refuse to spring shut once pulled.

The repair involves removing the handle from the door, cleaning up all parts, then refitting the handle to the door, ensuring that everything is tightened to the correct torque.

This procedure is covered in depth in your Haynes Escape manual, so just follow the steps and the handle will soon be operating properly once more.

Ford Escape

What’s that clunking from your Ford Escape?

Roads are not smooth – it’s a fact of life. That’s why engineers came up with suspension way back in the day. However, if something isn’t right with your car’s suspension then you’re going to notice. And so it is with the Ford Escape, which can produce a noticeable clunk from its rear end as you encounter bumps in the road.

The is with the shock absorbers. The mounting points can wear, allowing the shock to move, and the best solution is to replace both rear shocks at once.

All you need to do is look up the suspension chapter of your Haynes Escape manual and follow the relevant steps. It’s not a difficult job, so you should have it done within a couple of hours.

Ford Escape

Where is your Ford Escape leaking from?

The automatic transmission in a Ford Escape is an undeniably Good Thing. It simply takes the stress and strain out of everyday driving, and it’s smooth into the bargain. However, it has also been known to suddenly start to leak oil.

The problem is a faulty seal at the left-hand halfshaft, so follow the procedure in your Haynes Escape manual and remove the halfshaft from the vehicle.

If the halfshaft journal is unmarked, simply replace the seal (part number: 9L8Z-1177-E). If the shaft is marked, then you’ll need to replace the halfshaft as well.

Again, this procedure is contained in your Haynes manual.

If you want to know how to service the auto transmission on your Ford Escape, just watch our FREE video below.

Does the Ford Escape have whistling mirrors?

The Ford Escape is a quiet and refined vehicle. After all, it’s aimed at families, so it needs to be. If you want the kids to fall asleep on a journey, you don’t want lots fo noise. However, some Escape models are known to emit a whistling noise from their door mirrors.

The issue is that the foam block inside the mirror mounting is either missing, or there isn’t enough of it.

So, the thing to do is look up your Haynes Escape manual and remove the affected mirror from the door. There should be foam block around the cavity where the electrical connector enters the mirror housing. If it’s missing, you’ll need to put in new foam block, but if it is present it may just need to be reseated.

After that, it’s simply a case of putting everything back the way it was and heading out for a test drive to make sure the noise is no longer present.

Ford Escape

Can you hear fuel sloshing in your Ford Escape?

A number of owners of Ford Escapes have raised concerns over the sound of fuel sloshing around in the tank as they carry out low-speed maneuvers. The sound is most noticeable when the tank is more than three-quarters full.

The solution is a fairly simple one, because it entails no depressurizing or draining of the fuel system.

In fact, the solution is to replace the fuel tank straps and fasteners.

So, raise your Ford Escape and set it on jackstands, then remove and replace the old fuel tank straps, isolator assemblies and fasteners with new ones.

The procedure to replace the straps is contained within the section on removing and replacing the fuel tank in your Haynes Escape manual, so just read up on what to do and get cracking.

Ford Escape