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Changing the Engine Air Filter BMW X5 1999 - 2006 | Haynes Manuals


1999 - 2006
0.5 hours
The air filter is beneath here
First, you need to release the air intake
Remove this rubber moulding
Undo the 7 retaining clips and remove the air vent plastic moulding - place to one side
Undo the circular clip on the air intake - use a 7mm socket
Undo 2 nuts on the air intake - use a 13mm socket or spanner
Remove this larger plastic moulding
Now you can access the five retaining bolts
Undo the five, 5mm Allen key bolts
Carefully lift the air filter cover
View of Air filter cover
Air filter in position
Lift out the air filter
Clean off any debris on the surface of the filter. Replace with new filter if heavily contaminated
Check air filter box for debris. Clean if required. Replace air filter
Reassemble the air filter housing and trim