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Changing the Engine Air Filter Chrysler Crossfire 2003 - 2010 | Haynes Manuals

Chrysler Crossfire

2003 - 2010
35 minutes
Air filter location - note, there are two air filters to inspect on this model
Carefully lift the combined engine cover and air filter housing away from the engine
Rotate 360 degrees
Undo the 4 Torx-25 retaining fixings (per side)
Carefully lift away the air filter cartridge
Air filter in position
Lift out the air filter
Clean off any debris on the surface of the filter. Replace with a new filter if heavily contaminated
Check air filter box for debris. Clean out if required. Replace the air filter
Reassemble the first air filter housing and repeat steps on second filter. Reassemble and refit to engine
Now you are ready to work on the filters
Firstly, disconnect the air filter duct as shown