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Changing the Engine Air Filter Giulietta 2010 - 2017 | Haynes Manuals


2010 - 2017
15 minutes
The air filter can only be accessed from underneath the vehicle
You will need to remove the front section of the undertray. Using a Phillips, Torx-30 and 10mm socket, undo the fixtures.
Caution! The undertray is heavy and must be supported at all times
Here is the location of the air filter
Undo the three 7mm bolts to remove the base of the air filter body
Now you can remove the base to access the air filter
Clean off any debris on the surface of the filter. Replace with a new filter if heavily contaminated
Check air filter box for debris. Clean out if required. Now you are ready to replace the air filter
Reassemble the air filter housing. Replace the undertray
Now carefully remove the air filter from the vehicle