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Changing the Engine Air Filter Vauxhall Combo 2001 - 2012 | Haynes Manuals

Vauxhall Combo

2001 - 2012
5 to 45 minutes
1 The air cleaner is located in the front right-hand corner of the engine compartment, as viewed from the driver's seat
2 Loosen the clip and disconnect the hot film mass airflow meter from the air cleaner cover
3 Undo the screws and lift the cover from the air cleaner
4 Lift off the cover
5 Lift out the element
6 Wipe out the casing and the cover
7 Fit the new filter, noting that the rubber locating flange should be uppermost, and secure the cover with the screws
8 Reconnect the hot film mass airflow meter to the cover and tighten the clip