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Changing the Engine Air Filter Volkswagen Caddy 2004 - 2015 | Haynes Manuals

Volkswagen Caddy

2004 - 2015
5 to 45 minutes
Note: There are two versions of air filter fitted. Models with engine code BST and BDJ have a cylindrical filter fitted
1 The air cleaner is located in front of the battery in the left-hand front corner of the engine compartment
2 Undo the cover retaining screws and lift the air cleaner cover, taking care not to put any strain on the intake ducting and air mass meter
3 With the cover raised, withdraw the air filter element, noting how it is fitted
4a The removal procedure is slightly different on engine codes BST and BDJ (see below)
4b Remove the screws and lift off the cover
4c Unscrew and remove the collar
4d Lift out the air filter
5 Remove any debris that may have collected inside the air cleaner
6 Fit a new air filter element in position, ensuring that the edges are securely seated
7 Refit the lid and tighten the screws, then refit the engine top cover