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Dodge Ram common problems (1994-2008)

Dodge Ram

Prices are up everywhere, and not only will you be paying more to run your Dodge pick-up, you’ll also be paying more to have it repaired.

But that needn’t be the case, because if you’re in the market for a Dodge pick-up, or if you already own one, we at Haynes can reveal the problems it’s likely to have. And once we’ve identified any problem areas, we can show you how to fix them yourself, saving the cost of expensive labor charges along the way.

It’s a win-win – you get to save money as well as enjoying the satisfaction of sorting out any issues yourself.


Dodge Ram

What recalls has the Dodge Ram been subject to?

This generation of Dodge Ram was one sale for 14 years, so is bound to have been the subject of the odd recall here and there. And so it proves.

One recall concerned the passenger airbag system, which could fail to go off in an accident. The vehicle was recalled to have the inflator module replaced.

Another recall concerned the rear axle, because the rear differential pinion nut could come loose over time, causing the driveshaft to become detached. A retaining clip as fitted to prevent this from happening.

Some models were recalled because the two parts of the steering column could become detached, with significant consequences.

Numerous versions of the Dodge pick-ups were recalled to have their secondary hood latch properly lubricated; not enough lubricant was applied during construction and the hood latch could remain open.

Dodge Ram

What common problems does the Dodge Ram have?

It is not unknown for the tailgate on a Dodge pick-up to rattle. This is because the pivot assembly in one of the hinges is faulty.

And if a rattle isn’t annoying enough, the steering column can emit a squeaking, grinding noise, which entails the replacement of some faulty screws.

The 3.9-, 5.2- and 5.9-litre engines have all suffered an issue in which they develop too-high oil pressure upon startup. This can lead to distortion of the oil filter casing.

The steering has been another source of a problem, because there can be too much play around the straight-ahead position, allowing the vehicle to wander slightly.

Dodge Ram

Does the Dodge Ram have steering problems?

Some examples do, yes. These suffer from a problem that allows too much play around the straight-ahead position of the steering. The result of this is that when the steering is held in one position, the vehicle can wander slightly from left to right. Another symptom is that too much steering input is required to maintain straight and true progress along the highway.

The repair involves and adjustment of the pitman shaft adjuster screw, and you’ll need to invest in a new steering column pinch bolt (part number AR (1) 06504926AA)

However, the good news is that this task is pretty straightforward to carry out, and is covered in your Haynes Ram online manual, so just take a deep breath and follow the steps. You’ll be fine.

And if you want to check all the fluids in your Dodge Ram, simply follow our free video guide here.

Does the Dodge Ram have tailgate problems?

The Dodge Ram is known to suffer an issue that causes its tailgate to rattle, which is a) annoying and b) could cause wear and damage. It’s best to sort it as soon as you become aware of it.

The problem lies with a loose-fitting pivot on the right-hand side, or the right-hand bushing being broken.

Either way, the faulty components will need to be replaced, but this is actually an easy job to carry out, and you can always refer to your Haynes Ram manual, because the procedure is covered in depth.


Does the Dodge Ram have oil pressure problems?

Dodge Rams fitted with the 3.9-, 5.2- and 5.9-litre engines can be plagued by an issue that causes the oil pressure to be too high when the engine is started from cold. This can deform the casing of the oil filter, so if you notice that the filter looks odd, you’ll need to carry out the job.

The problem is the oil pump, which needs to be replaced, along with the oil filter.

You can follow this procedure step by step as it is explained fully in your Haynes Ram online manual.

Dodge Ram

Does the Dodge Ram have squeaky-steering problems?

Oh yes. The steering in the Dodge Ram can squeak every time you move the wheel, which is both deeply irritating and ever-present, because you need to move the steering wheel all the time.

The issue affects vehicles fitted with a non-tilt steering column. To effect a repair you’ll need to remove the upper and lower shroud from the steering column, then loosen the column itself and replace a number of screws in the column.

Remove of the column is covered fully in the your Haynes Ram online manual, so just follow the steps and all will be well.

Dodge Ram