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Don't Fear the Engine Cover

2016 Corvette Stingray Engine Cover
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After Listening to Customers, Haynes Manuals Says Don't Fear the Plastic Engine Cover

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In 2017 Haynes Manuals, the world-leading publisher of automotive, motorcycle, marine and tractor repair content, conducted informal surveys regarding the biggest barriers to automotive DIY repair. Surprisingly, one of the top answers was the plastic engine cover.  

Within the past 20 years, automotive manufacturers decided they wanted to hide the inner workings of their engine compartments and started to install plastic covers that obscure the intake manifold for the sake of a cleaner look.  While the design may look tidy, they present a major problem for anyone looking to save money by working on their own vehicles. They create a psychological barrier for would-be mechanics looking to save money on their cars.  

When asked, interviewees said they said they were intimidated by the covers because they were afraid they would break something while trying to remove the covers and void their warranties. Additionally, they said they couldn't see the engine underneath them and that they felt it was too daunting to remove them.   

"You won't fix what you can't see," says J Haynes, CEO of Haynes Publishing.  "Most people don't realize that removing a few simple screws will provide easy access to undercover workings of their engine and allow them to work on their own cars and save lots of hard-earned money.  We say there's no need to fear the plastic engine cover."

Moreover, since the plastic engine cover is a superficial add on that serves no actual purpose, you won't void your car's warranty by removing it.  

"It's like the monster under your bed when you were a kid," said Jim Nicholson, Senior Vice President, Haynes Publishing.  "You were afraid to even look under there for fear of what you might find.  However, if you have a clear view of the situation from the start, you'll see there's nothing to worry about."

What Could You Do With Your Engine Cover?

  • Learn how to remove it and reinstall it if you like the look


  • Hang it on your wall and tell people it's modern art
  • Use it as a serving tray for the holidays
  • Make some extra cash and sell it on eBay
  • Turn it into a litter box
  • Wear it as body armor for Halloween
  • Give it to someone you don't like as a gift; watch confusion ensue
  • Fill it with ice and put beer in it at parties
  • Throw it in the trash

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