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Ford Bronco common problems

Ford Bronco

As the cost of living rises inexorably, everyone is having to make adjustments. And one of the biggest ways you can do that is to take the cost of labor charges out of your car’s maintenance bills. That’s where Haynes comes in. If you’re running a Ford Bronco built between 1980 and 1996, we can tell what the most common problems are that you’re likely to face. And better still, we can show you how to repair them for the minimum of expense.

So, don’t worry unnecessarily about that new rattle, or the fact that something’s vibrating underneath. We can tell you what the major issues are, and how you can go about resolving them.

For example, the Ford Bronco of this vintage has issues that include rough running, broken front axles and a rattle from the front seatback.

Just as well, then, that these issues are pretty straightforward to fix. Just allow us at Haynes to guide you and your Ford Bronco will be back to full health in no time.

What recalls has the Ford Bronco been subject to?

The Ford Bronco has been recalled on a couple of occasions. However, given that the earliest examples feature here were built 42 years ago, it’s fair to say the work is likely to have been done by now. And if it hasn’t, the problem behind the recall is likely to have made its presence felt and been repaired.

One recall was issued to have certain aftermarket fuel pumps replaced, because these could leak and cause a fire. Another recall concerned the secondary throttle shaft. Over time, this can become contaminated with dirt and become stuck in a partially open position, meaning the vehicle would be travelling faster than intended. A creaking frame prompted another recall, as did front seat tracks that weren’t fastened down correctly.

Ford Bronco

What common problems does the Ford Bronco have?

Some Ford Broncos have suffered an issue that causes the engine to stall at idle. Another engine manifests itself by the oil pressure dropping to zero at idle when the engine is warm. And the engine has died unexpectedly on occasion.

However, getting on top of such problem needn’t be too much of a headache if you have a Haynes Bronco manual.

Ford Bronco

Does the Ford Bronco have UJ problems?

Broken universal joints are comparatively common, especially if the Ford Bronco is used off-road.

However, replacements are readily available at most parts stores, and your Haynes Bronco manual will give you a good guide on how to go about changing them.

Does the Ford Bronco have ignition problems?

There have been reports that the Ford Bronco has an issue that causes the engine to die when you’re driving along, or when you reach an intersection. The engine then won’t restart.

The issue has been hunted down and the TFI module is at fault. However, the average repair cost is $5000. Yikes. It would be a lot cheaper to invest in a Haynes manual and undertake the task yourself.

This task is covered in the Haynes Bronco manual.

Ford Bronco

Does the Ford Bronco have oil pressure problems?

On occasion, the Ford Bronco suffers an issue that makes it seems like the engine has no oil pressure when warm.

However, the problem has been traced to faulty oil pressure switches, and the replacement of the switch is covered in the Haynes Bronco manual.

Does the Ford Bronco have fuelling problems?

Ford used just two studs to attach the 300ci carburetor. Over time, the carburetor rocks, which can cause the gasket it sits on to fail, which causes poor fuelling. The solution is to replace the gasket and tighten the nuts to the required torque, a procedure you’ll find in your Haynes Bronco manual.

Ford Bronco