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Honda Accord common problems (2003-2012)

Honda Accord common problems solved with Haynes

The Honda Accord is just one of those cars that gets on with keeping on ticking no matter how much of a licking it gets. It does it unobtrusively, too. After all, when was the last time you said: “Woah, an Accord!”. So it’s dependable, cheap to run and under the radar.

And the good news is that the Mk7 Accord that was built from 2003 is still available in plentiful numbers and is simple enough for even the most inexperienced home mechanic to sort the odd glitch. And there’s no need to do it along. We at Haynes have stripped down and rebuilt the Accord and written all about it, so we’ll be there to help you at every stage of your repair journey.

Honda Accord common problems

What recalls has the Honda Accord been subject to?

This generation of Honda Accord has had a few recalls, but nothing mechanical is at fault. The main issue has been the airbag system.

The car was first recalled because of a potential airbag fault that could cause the ’bag to rip when deployed.

Then 81,000 examples were recalled because of a potential fault with the seat position sensor wiring, which varies the airbag pressure according to the position of the front seat.

Then numerous Honda models were recalled because the airbag inflator could rupture, potentially spraying metal fragments around the cabin.

Another recall concerned the front passenger airbag, because it didn’t comply with requirements, and so passenger protection could have been compromised.

What common problems does the Honda Accord have?

Some owners of the Honda Accord have reported that cars equipped with the manual transmission can be difficult to get into first gear, and can make a crunching sound when engaging reverse gear. Not ideal when parking.

On occasion the blower motor in the Honda Accord cabin can have a fault that causes it to overheat and potentially blow a fuse, or even melt the impeller.

Honda has also identified that the Honda Accord can generate a clicking or ratcheting noise when on full right-hand lock.

Another annoying noise that the Honda Accord sometimes generates is a ticking. And this time it comes from the A-pillar, so pretty much right next to you.

The Honda Accord of this vintage is also known to have a problem with juddering brakes when the pedal is initially applied.

Honda Accord problems

Does the Honda Accord have gearshift problems?

Well, it does and it doesn’t. You see, the problem isn’t with the gearshift itself but rather it’s with the clutch. One some examples there isn’t enough lubrication on the clutch disc spline, which means that the clutch disc can drag against the flywheel slightly despite the clutch being disengaged. The problem is at its worst when the clutch and transmission are both cold.

The solution is to separate the gearbox from the engine, then lubricate the clutch disc splines using super-high-temperature grease (part nos: 08798-9002 and H/C 3720984).

We’ve already removed a clutch from the Honda Accord, so all you need do is follow our step-by-step procedure in your Haynes Accord Manual and you’ll soon be back on the road and shifting smoothly.

If you want to check all the fluid levels on your Honda Accord, just watch our FREE video below.

Does the Honda Accord have blower motor problems?

Sometimes the blower motor in the Honda Accord Mk7 can have a fault that causes it to overheat and blow a fuse. It’s even been known to get so hot that it can melt the impeller.

The issue is that the cooling pipe for the blower motor can become blocked with dirt, dust a debris over time, which causes the overheating situation to develop.

On some models the cooling hose is molded into the casing, while on others it is separate.

However, the Haynes Accord manual shows you exactly where the blower motor is, and how to remove and replace it if necessary, so you can clean everything out properly. Simple.

Honda Accord Mk7 problems solved with Haynes

Does the Honda Accord have clicking problems?

When you’re making a hard right-hand turn in your Honda Accord, you might hear a clicking or ratcheting noise from somewhere up ahead.

A lot of time you could easily mistake this noise as emanating from the transmission, or perhaps even a constant-velocity joint. However, Honda has found another possibility that you really wouldn’t expect. Yes, the culprit can often be the starter motor. There are specialist listening kits you can buy to identify exactly where the noise is coming from.

If it’s the starter motor, you’ll need to swap it out, but that’s a job we’ve covered in some depth in the Haynes Accord manual, so you need only look up the relevant chapter and follow the illustrations (and words!). The trickiest bit of the whole procedure will be diagnosis, but once you know what the issue is, it’s plain sailing.

Honda Accord common issues

Does the Honda Accord Mk7 have brake problems?

Brake problems. Nobody wants or needs to have brake problems. Guaranteed to give you a shudder. Well, actually, they will, because the brakes on the Honda Accord can develop a shudder when the pedal is initially applied.

The problem is that the pads can, over time, wear the brake rotors unevenly, leading to a vibration.

The solution is to remove the brakes and rotors and either replace the whole lot, or have the rotors refinished before rebuilding the front brakes.

As you’ll not doubt have guessed, we’re way ahead of you on this, because we stripped and rebuilt the brakes for the Haynes Accord manual, so all you need do is follow our lead. Simple!

Honda Accord Mk7 problems solved with Haynes manuals