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10 Types of Zombie... and How To Kill Them

The 10 types of zombie

When most people think of zombies, they tend to picture mainly the upright walkers; snarling, drooling, lurching slowly with arms outstretched. But in truth, there are many different types of un-dead, each with its own shocking traits and dispositions.

To help you stay alive and effectively combat each one, the experts at Haynes watched dozens of zombie movies and pulled some of the top advice from our best-selling Zombie Survival Manual to help you identify - and kill! - each of the 10 common types of zombie. We've also launched a new Zombie Survival App, so if you have an iPhone, survival tips are as close as you pocket.

For even more in depth zombie survival assistance, consider picking up our exhaustive zombie survival guide book, available here.

For a larger version of this infographic, in a new window, click here (then click the image to expand).

The 10 types of zombie... and how to kill them