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Job Too Big For Your Garage? - Rent a DIY Workshop

Working on car in tiny garage

What do you do if your car needs work but your garage is too small? Or worse yet, what if you live in an apartment? Or a house where the garage is stuffed full of old holiday decorations and boxes?

Lately there has been an explosion of interest in "maker spaces" and DIY workshops for cars and motorcycles where you can rent shop space by the hour, or by the day. In fact, most major cities have at least one dedicated DIY shop, and often available space in regular shops, or even private homes, that you can rent.

Some of these rental spaces offer classes or the use of the sort of tools a home mechanic isn't likely to have, and many have hydraulic lifts available which make working under the car a breeze. If you have ever tried to do anything more complicated than an oil change without a dedicated workspace, you know it can be nearly impossible. Working under your car, even with jack stands, can be dangerous, and if you have to do it on the side of the road, you are really taking your life in your hands.

GarageTime Can Help

Recently, we discovered GarageTime, a website aiming to be like AirBnB for DIY garage space, by matching individuals or shops with empty space with those who need a place to work. The site, at, or mobile app allows you to find space local to you and book it for your next job. If you are on a road trip, or motorcycle tour, their service just may save your trip.

And, if you have a shop with unused bays you are looking to rent, or just have an empty garage or workshop, you can sign up to turn that empty space into spending money for your next project. GarageTime’s fee is only a small percentage, and you get to set your own prices and approve users before they set foot in your shop.

working under car in field

DIY Garage Space Near You

Here's a list of some DIY spaces we found, many of which can be booked through GarageTime, listed alphabetically by state and city. If we missed one you know about, email us at





North Carolina

  • Oak City Speed (motorcycles only)
    4200 Atlantic Ave #141
    Raleigh, NC 27604





Save Time, Money, and Aggravation

Fixing, restoring, or improving a vehicle can be a fun hobby, but when you are on your back on a gravel driveway searching for nuts and bolts, you may question why you don't take up bird watching instead.

Haynes Manuals are made for the do-it-yourselfer, and show you how to do most jobs with simple tools, but we all know there are some jobs that are difficult, if not impossible, without the right equipment. Even regular maintenance tasks like brakes and fluid changes can be a real hassle without at least a flat driveway to work in, but with a proper workshop, every job is faster and easier.

Having someone else work on your car can cost you $100 an hour, but renting a workshop for the day may only cost you half that. Why not spend a little bit of money, save some time, and bring the joy back to your hobby?