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Simple Guide Tips and Tutorials Archive

Simple Guide to Four-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Drive, Limited Slip, and Traction Control

Car stuck on snow covered street
There is snow and ice in much of the country, and rain falling in the rest, so it is natural to think about the many ways that have been invented to give your car more traction on a slippery road surface. Years ago, vehicles were chain driven via two wheels connected together on an axle, as cars...

Simple Guide to VIN Numbers (and What They Say About a Car)

Merceded W220 VIN plate tag
For decades the vehicle identification number on cars was different for every manufacturer. Some of them included factory location, model information, engine and transmission options, body style, etc, as well as dates and a serial number. Others were just a running number of what came down the...

Simple Guide to the Dual Mass Flywheel (and Why Your Vehicle Has One)

What is a dual mass flywheel (and what does it do)?
The dual mass flywheel, or DMF, is designed to protect the driveline from the torque pulses and torsional vibrations of the engine. DMFs are fitted to cars and trucks equipped with a manual gearbox and is located at the end of the crankshaft where a regular solid flywheel would be. They are fitted...