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Why Is My Car's Heater Not Working? (And How To Fix It)

Why Is My Car Heater Not Working?
Even if you live in Florida, Texas or California, these days you need your car's defroster to work properly to fight those early morning chills, and if you live up north a working heater can be a matter of life or death. Read on and we will cover how your cars heater and engine cooling system...

Troubleshooting: Common Brake Issues and Causes

disc brake rotor and caliper with rust
The brakes are probably the most important system, and due to the difficult job they do and how often they are used, they are most likely to wear and need service. Even when working properly your brakescan suddenly start making disconcerting noises or develop a shudder. Modern cars use power assist...

5 Signs You Have a Blown Head Gasket (and How To Prevent It)

5 Signs You Have a Blown Head Gasket (and How To Prevent It)
A blown head gasket is bad news. Very bad news. If you think yours is going it requires immediate attention. A head gasket can fail about 7 slightly different ways, which we told you about recently, and all of which are bad news for the engine. If there is a sweet smelling white cloud following...