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YouTube highlights from ChrisFix, Scotty Kilmer and Car Wizard

Does head gasket sealer work?

We’re big fans of YouTube here at Haynes. Not only is it a fantastic source of entertainment, it’s also a great source of information. In fact we’ve got our very own YouTube channel, which is packed with hints, tips and step-by-step videos to help you maintain and repair your own vehicles.

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Do Head Gasket Sealers Actually Work? 

We always recommend that you change your vehicle's head gasket when it blows, rather than use a head gasket sealer, but what happens if you need to use it in an emergency?

ChrisFix puts one through a long-term test – don't miss his eye-watering garage quote, which shows how much you can save by working on your own vehicle.

Car Wizard

How Cheaply Can They Make Cars?

In this video the Car Wizard talks about the proliferation of plastic parts on today's cars, with the Mini Cooper S as an example. 

"There's stuff [on some makes] that really should be metal but is plastic, and the proof it should be metal is the fact that there's an aftermarket for upgraded metal parts," he says.

Scotty Kilmer

5 Things You Should Never Do In An Automatic Transmission Car

Some of these tips are just common sense, but others (the dangers of water, for example) may be new to you. And unless you're a really skilled home mechanic, the thought of having to pay a transmission specialist thousands of bucks to rebuild yours isn't a good one! 

Scotty's been a mechanic for more than half a century and churns out YouTube videos at an incredible rate – this is his most popular one, with 22 million views!