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YouTube Star Scotty Kilmer Pays Tribute to John Haynes and the Haynes Manual

Scotty Kilmer with a Haynes Manual

We hear all the time, "Why should I buy a Haynes Manual when I can just go to YouTube?"

Well, if you ask Scotty Kilmer, one of the most popular auto-repair related YouTubers with over 2 million subscribers, he would say one reason is they were created by “the most important man in car repair history”.

In dedication to John Haynes, Scotty made a video which, in part, outlines the history of Haynes Manuals and the processes John Haynes created that have become the repair manual format Haynes is known for.

To see more of Scotty and hear his detailed thoughts about the Haynes line, join the other 930,000+ viewers who have already had the chance to enjoy Scotty’s video below:

If you are not familiar with Scotty, he’s been a YouTube star for years and has been fixing cars since before the internet existed.  We highly suggest subscribing to his channel as each video is certain to be worth watching thanks to Scotty’s quirky and entertaining personality.