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Haynes joins Rennlist to restore a 1977 Porsche 911 S

Haynes joins Rennlist to restore a 1977 Porsche 911 S

Manuel Carillo, editor of, a Porsche enthusiast community, was brought home from the hospital as a baby in 1985 in his father’s Porsche 911 S. And it was this car that kick-started his lifelong automotive passion.

As he says, “Had my parents brought me home in a Toyota Corolla or a Ford Fairmont, chances are slim I would have been an automotive writer. Who knows where my lifelong career trajectory would have pointed?”

Since 2002, though, his father’s 1977 Porsche - which he calls the stork that brought him home - has been sitting wedged in his parents’ garage, badly in need of a makeover.

Manuel explains that after 1992 his father hardly drove his Porsche 911 any more. And after 1995 it was never registered again.

Recently, Manuel decided to undertake the biggest challenge of his career and personally restore his father’s Porsche 911 S. Haynes has partnered with Manuel on his journey, offering him space in our California workshop and the tools he needs to perform the restoration.

Manuel is documenting his project on film, which he is releasing in a series of videos on Youtube. You can see the first instalment below. And click here to read more of the backstory behind the car and this project on Rennlist.