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General Queries

How do I change my password (and other account details)?
  • Log in to your My Haynes account.
  • Mouse over your 'Welcome username' to reveal a drop-down menu
  • Select My Haynes
  • Select 'Click here to navigate to My Haynes.'
  • Select 'Change password' from the list at the right side of the page
  • Fill in the form on the Change Password page and click 'Submit'
I tried to re-register but my e-mail address already exists?

If you see the message "The e-mail address your email address is already registered. Have you forgotten your password?" you will not be able to re-register with this e-mail address.

Most likely, if you've made failed attempts to log in, the password stored is different from the one you're using to log in. If so, just select “Have you forgotten your password?” then select Request new password on the next page, add your email address and click on Email New Password. A computer generated link will be e-mailed to you. Use this to log in to your My Haynes Change password page to create your new password.

I'd like to ask an FAQ not covered here?

Please visit our Contact Us page. Please select the most appropriate e-mail address for your type of enquiry provide as much relevant information as possible.

For example: enquiries relating to cars and motorcycles, include the make, model, year, registration letters, engine size and fuel.

All Manuals

Will an American or UK Haynes manual cover my car?

Possibly. It depends on the make and model. Please write to us at: for verification.

My car manual doesn't include gearbox overhaul?

We regularly conduct market research to find out what our readers are using their manuals for. Over 15 years ago we discovered that the number of people overhauling gearboxes was virtually zero – even if they had the necessary equipment, the cost of new parts made it uneconomic.

I can't find a manual that covers my vehicle's engine size?

Engine size data may be published in several formats. For example, an engine commonly called a 1.6 may be of a slightly different capacity - say 1595cc. Similarly, a 1.4 may actually be 1398cc etc. Try a Keyword search using the accurate engine size - e.g: 1595. Engine size is not normally specified for US titles.

If, after searching, your vehicle's engine size has not been listed in a manual's details it means that it is not covered in a current Haynes manual.

Do your car manuals always cover petrol and diesel?

No. However we do cover petrol and diesel versions in one manual when possible. Sometimes the resulting book would be just too big, in which case we publish separate petrol and diesel titles. For certain models diesel sales are insignificant, in which case we do not cover them at all. Details of the engines covered in any particular manual appear on the title information screen that you see as part of the on-line ordering process. Please note that US manuals cover petrol models only unless diesel is specified.

Do you do a total strip down and rebuild?

We buy one or more project vehicles for every manual and strip down everything relevant that we haven't seen before. Then we put it all back together again, renewing anything that is worn. We have two highly skilled technicians in our project workshop who assist and advise the technical authors.

We keep them and run them for a couple of months to make sure everything is OK. After that they are sold - quite often to Haynes staff, who appreciate the chance to buy a totally reconditioned vehicle.

I can't find a manual for my vehicle?

Two possible reasons: it is too new, or the model range has not sold sufficiently well. We don't normally produce manuals for vehicles less than 2 years old, because for the most part they are still under warranty and being serviced by dealers. And we can't consider doing a manual until there are enough of a particular model on the road to make it economically viable.

How long does it take to produce a Haynes manual?

The interval between a vehicle arriving in the workshop and the corresponding manual being available in the shops is around 6 months. The actual writing takes a pair of technical authors about 3 months, of which roughly one month is spent in the workshop.

Online Repair Manuals

What is an Online Manual?

A Haynes Online Manual works on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer so it is available wherever you are. It includes many extra features when compared with a printed manual. All the pictures are in full colour and we’ve added video covering commonly tackled jobs. There are easy-to-use navigation tools that take you straight to your job. If you prefer to work off paper in the workshop, you can print the necessary sections of the manual. Whenever we update a manual to include the latest information, you’ll receive that free of charge. 

When purchasing an Online Manual from, it is just like a Printed manual, but in an Online format.

How do I buy an Online Manual?

Once you have chosen your online manual you will be asked to create a My Haynes account. Creating a My Haynes account is part of the purchase process and will give you secure access to your purchased Online Manual. We accept PayPal, and Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

How are Online Manuals delivered and how can I access these?

As soon as you have purchased your Online Manual it is available for you to use.  All you need is Internet access. Log into your My Haynes account, using the same registration details you used to make your purchase. This makes it an ideal purchase when you need DIY service information immediately.

Accessing Online Manual

As soon as you have purchased your Online Manual it is available for you to use. All you need is Internet access and follow these easy steps to access your purchase.

When you log into, you will automatically be taken to your subscriptions. Though please follow the below steps on how to navigate to your Online Manual from another page of the website:

1. Log in to your Haynes account
2. Click on My Account, located in the top right-hand corner. (On mobile, click on your user account icon) 
3. Once logged in, select 'Subscriptions' from the drop-down menu under My Account, located on the top right side of the page. (On mobile, within the menu) 
4. Your purchase should now be visible and available to use

This makes it an ideal purchase when you need information immediately. Online Manuals are not downloads, but if you want to access the information where you don't have Internet access, you can print out a limited* number of pages from the manual.

*We consent for you to print only for your own reference, limited to 50 copies in any six months; limited to six copies in any week. You must not make any further copies.


Online Manual Troubleshooting

Problems accessing the system

The data and operating software for our Online Manuals is located entirely on our servers. No data is stored on your computer. This allows us to continually update data and software, making it easy for you to access your manual from any computer or mobile device. This also prevents any problems related to outdated or corrupted files on your computer or other device.

If you are experiencing problems accessing the system, please follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the username (email address) and password you are using are the same as what you selected at the time of registration. Sometimes users change their email address and don’t realise that their previous email address needs to be used as their username.
  • Attempt to access your manual from another computer or device that meets minimum system requirements. If you cannot access your manual online from either computer/device, check access and speed on other websites that use large files, such as high-resolution photos and videos. If you can access these sites but not the Manuals Online site, the Manuals Online site may be down momentarily. Try accessing again in about 15 minutes.

If you still cannot achieve access, contact Customer Service as detailed below.

If you are able to access the system from one computer or device, but not another, check the following items on the computer experiencing difficulties

  • Pop-up blockers will prevent access to the system and can also prevent the display of wiring diagrams and high-resolution photos. Generally, this is an option within your browser settings. Additionally, antivirus and online security programs can prevent access. As a test, disable these programs and see if you can now access the system and view images
  • A download may be occurring in the background (eg operating system updates), using your bandwidth
  • A dialog box is open and unanswered in the background, stalling your computer while it awaits your yes/no input
  • Clear the browser memory cache. Look for “Options” or “Internet Options” in your browser’s settings and search for the option that allows you to clear your cache
  • You may have spyware/malware infecting your computer and using system resources, including internet bandwidth, without your knowledge. Scan your system using malware detection software.
  • Mobile devices (tablet, smart phone, etc.) sometimes experience problems due to outdated browsers or insufficient connection speed. Try accessing your online manual from a computer with a high-speed connection. If this provides sufficient speed, check with your wireless provider and/or device manufacturer to seek a solution.
  • Your internet bandwidth is inadequate for the site. Even though you have met our minimum requirements based upon the speed advertised by your internet provider, you may not be achieving this speed, usually for one of the reasons listed below. You can check your actual speed quickly at one of the free online speed test sites.

Possible causes of a slow internet connection:

  • If using a plug-in connection for your internet, the hardware connecting your computer to the modem/router may be malfunctioning.
  • Your modem/router may not be configured correctly.
  • Your bandwidth may be shared among other computers, resulting in slow speeds even though you meet minimum system requirements. Change your wifi password to reduce the chance of unauthorised access.
  • For plug-in connections, your network interface card (NIC) may be older and not capable of high speeds (10/100 preferred, 10/1000 recommended).
  • Your ISP (internet service provider) may be having issues or a service outage
  • Radio or microwave devices in your home might be degrading your internet wireless signal.

If you still cannot gain access to the system, contact Customer Service as detailed below.

Customer Service

Customer Service is provided via email. We will do our best to respond to your concern within 24 hours. Please write to us at: 

Before contacting us, please complete all diagnostic tests listed above.

In your email, please provide the following:

  • Login information
  • Details of computer hardware
  • Operating system and version
  • Browser type and version (please update your browser to the latest version prior to contacting us)
  • Internet connection type and speed, as verified using an online speedtest
  • A precise description of the problem you are encountering
  • A list of the steps you have taken to verify a problem with our system
  • Your phone number and the best time to call you, since this may be necessary in some cases

Note: When you email us with your issue, our first step will be to verify our ability to access your manual from a computer that meets our minimum system requirements and is running the latest version of the browser you specify. If we are able to access the manual in this way, we will assume the problem is most likely related to the device you are using for access or your connection speed.


How do I trace a missing order?

Please email details at: Please include attach or include a copy of your Order Confirmation.

I can't add an item to my cart?

If the item availability is temporarily out of stock an 'OUT OF STOCK' button is displayed and there is no 'ADD TO CART' button.

Out of stock items are restocked regularly, so check back soon.

How do I make a purchase online?
  • Select the product you wish to buy.
  • Click 'ADD TO CART' to go to shopping basket page.
  • Select 'VIEW CART' then click on 'CHECKOUT'.

If you are already logged into your My Haynes account you can continue through to the secure Checkout page. Otherwise follow the instructions to log in or create a My Haynes account.

The billing and shipping addresses are prefilled from your account details.  To use a different shipping address uncheck the 'My Shipping information is the same as my Billing information.' and fill in the new form.

Check the 'I agree with the Terms and Conditions' box (please read them first). Click 'CONTINUE TO THE NEXT STEP'.

On the Shipping page select your preferred service. Click 'CONTINUE TO THE NEXT STEP'.

Review your order on the Review order page. To make changes click 'GO BACK'. Otherwise click 'CONTINUE TO THE NEXT STEP'.

Fill in the form on the Payment page, then click 'CONFIRM ORDER'.

Your order will be processed and an order confirmation will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

How do I change an order after it has been submitted?

For Printed manuals: Please email details at:  If your order has already been dispatched it cannot be changed.

For Online Repair Manual or AutoFix: Please write to us at:


Will my credit card be charged in my own currency?

Yes. Australian Dollars are automatically converted to the card account's native currency.

Where do I find the security number?

The security number is printed on the reverse of your credit card on or by the signature strip and comprises one or more groups of numbers. Please enter the last three digits only.

May I pay by Cash On Delivery?

We do not have a COD facility.  Please contact our Customer Service team at if you do not wish to purchase online.

How do I pay by cheque or postal order?

Please contact our Customer Service team at for more details.

How do I pay by Banker's Draft/ Funds Transfer?

Send an email to our Customer service team at: with 'Request For Bankers Transfer' in the subject line. Please also provide the following information: Product (book) number; your name; your address. We will post you a pro-forma invoice and the bank details you will need to make the bank transfer.

Refunds & Returns

What is your returns policy?

We undertake to reimburse you for any product delivered to you that is faulty or is in a damaged condition. If you wish to return a faulty or damaged product, you must notify us as soon as possible as follows:

AutoFix repair guides - If you have activated the AutoFix repair guide for the wrong engine variant, or have any other issue with your AutoFix Repair guide, please let us know at and we will get it sorted for you.

How do I return an item?

Firstly, please contact our Customer service team at before returning an item.

Our customer service department will supply return instructions in the instance that you received an incorrect or damaged item.

For your protection, we recommend that you obtain a proof of posting certificate. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Supply for full details.

Do you also refund delivery charges?

Only if you are returning an item because of an error on our part or because it is defective. We will refund the delivery charges incurred in sending the item to you and your costs in returning it to us.

The item I received does not match the item I ordered?

Please contact our customer service department and advise us of the problem.

We will arrange to get the correct item to you as quickly as possible and arrange the return of the incorrect item. Please ensure that the item being returned is unopened and in its original condition. If for any reason we are unable to fulfill your order, we will issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item

The item I received is faulty/damaged. Can I return it?

If you receive an item that is faulty or damaged, please contact our customer service department and advise us of the problem.

How will you refund my money?

Refunds will be credited to the credit card or PayPal account that was used in the original transaction. Unfortunately, we are not able to post a credit to any alternative cards or accounts.


Is the online ordering process secure?

This Website makes use of a Thawte SSL certificate and the latest technology to encrypt sensitive data. This offers the very highest level of protection against fraud and ensures that our online ordering process is fully secure. Click on the logo below to view our certificate details

Thawte is a leading provider of SSL certificates globally. By making use of a Thawte SSL Certificate on our Website we can securely collect sensitive information online, and give you, our customers, the confidence that your transactions are safe.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a technology for managing the security of online message transmission. SSL encrypts or scrambles any information sent from your browser to the server you are connected to, making it impossible to intercept or tamper with the information on the way.

If you see the padlock in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser you know that SSL encryption is in place and that information being sent from this page is safe. The big problem is that you do not know who is on the other side receiving your information.

The only way this can be verified is through an authenticated web server certificate. This site has this type of certificate, issued by Thawte.

Are visitors required to enable cookies?

They are and you will have been asked to approve their use when you first visit our website.

Cookies are an inherent part of the functionality of most e-commerce sites. Most browsers will provide you with the option of disabling all cookie use, accepting approved cookies (recommended), accepting all cookies, or alerting you every time a cookie is offered. If you block all cookies many interactive features on this site will be disabled.

Repair Manual Bundles

What are bundles?

Bundles are our best value offers where you get a Printed Manual plus the Online version of it. You can immediately start using the Online version of the repair manual after completing the purchase, while the Print manual will be posted to your address. 

Note that the bundles may not be available for all the repair manuals. You can see the "Print and Online bundle" option on the respective product page wherever it is available for purchase.

How can I buy a bundle?

You will see the "Print and Online Bundle" option on the product pages wherever it is available. Just add it to the cart, and complete the purchase.

You can immediately access your Online manual after completing the purchase and the Printed manual will be posted to your address.

AUTOFIX Repair Guide

What is Haynes AutoFix?

Haynes AutoFix is a mixture of vehicle servicing information, specifications, generic DIY tutorials, videos, technical drawings, fault-finding, and explanations, along with step-by-step vehicle-specific descriptions for the more complicated tasks like timing belt renewals.

Over 40 generic tutorials are provided, explaining how and why the various servicing tasks are performed, with tips, related tasks, tools required, safety precautions, and levels of difficulty. Some of the tutorials include video guides as well.

The vehicle-specific information includes specification data, torque wrench settings, capacities, lubricants, maintenance/service schedules, fuse allocations, steering geometry, and technical drawings.

Note that Haynes AutoFix is not based on a vehicle strip and rebuild. No vehicles were harmed during its production!

Is Haynes AutoFix a subscription or a one-off purchase?

Once you have purchased AutoFix once, there are no renewals and no additional costs. Whenever content is added or the product is upgraded, you will receive the latest version of the product for your vehicle.

How can I change the engine for my AutoFix repair guide?

You can change the engine for your AutoFix guide within 30 days of purchase. To select the right engine, log in to your Haynes account on -> Go to your subscriptions-> You will see the “Wrong engine? Choose again” yellow tab on your AutoFix guide-> Click it, select the right engine from the drop-down and it’s done.