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Tips & Tutorials

mini repair haynes
You'll find 20 videos in Haynes’ 2014-2018 Mini YouTube playlist, to help you carry out popular maintenance jobs on your Mini One, Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S.
vinyl record player haynes
Vinyl sales continue to soar into the 2020s, but how do you look after your record collection? The Haynes Vinyl Manual provides the answers to all your vinyl-related questions.
quartic steering wheel allegro
What the heck is a Quartic steering wheel? Jonny Smith reveals all. Plus, mega-engined classic cars and quirky motorcycles in our regular look at the best of YouTube.
change qashqai battery
Trying to change the Nissan Qashqai's brake pads, headlight bulbs or battery? Our 21 YouTube videos show you how to do these jobs and more.