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What is cylinder head porting and polishing?
Your cylinder head, or cylinder heads if you have V engine, is an important bit of kit. It’s where the air and fuel a passed through to the valves, which in turn deliver that all important mix to the...
5 must-haves for building the ultimate adventure vehicle
There’s a pleasing trend in the automotive world of late, and it’s based around building vehicles that can do anything and more importantly, go anywhere. We’re not talking end of the world stuff,...
What is an interference engine?
When your timing belt breaks, or if your timing gets a great deal out of whack, why do things go so horribly wrong? The answer is simple. It’s because we’re talking about the interference engine.
The perils of modifying your car
Now then, let’s set something out before I get into this. I have nothing against modifying your car. In fact, I’m all for it. Modifying your car is an expression of your personality, it’s a way to...