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YouTube highlights from Dave’s Classic Garage Tours, Scotty Kilmer and Ash Rowland

Ash Rowland GPZ900R restoration

YouTube is a fantastic source of entertainment and a great source of information. Indeed, we’ve got our very own Haynes YouTube channel, which is packed with hints, tips and step-by-step videos to help you maintain and repair your own vehicles.

Check it out and subscribe here, and make sure you hit the bell icon so that you know the moment we upload new content. Check out the 'short', below, on Jeep Grand Cherokee starting issues.

Dave’s Classic Garage Tours

What needs repairing on this 1 OF 400 COBRA Ford Falcon crashed 25 years ago?

This channel does exactly what it says on the tin: it tours classic car workshops in Australia to speak to the mechanics, technicians, panel beaters and painters who work to keep motoring heritage on the road.

In this video Dave visits TTT in Korumburra to speak to Phil about a Chevrolet 3100, an XC Cobra Falcon in for crash repair, a Holden ute and a very special 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1.

Kudos to the owners for their determination and $$$s to want to restore these classics to their former glory! 

Scotty Kilmer

This is the Real Way to Restore Headlights Permanently

We recently featured a video by the Car Wizard that highlighted how many plastic parts there are under an average car's bonnet. This has been going on for years, of course, as manufacturers cut costs left, right and centre, and plastic headlight assemblies have been with us for decades.

Plastic doesn't fare well when exposed to UV light, and in the case of headlights, that means they go foggy and hazy, becoming less effective at night.

There are all sorts of headlight restoration kits out there, but what's the best way of stopping the fog from returning? Scotty has some advice, although we're not entirely convinced it's ‘permanent’.

Ash Rowland

Can I get my Barn Find GPZ900R actually running right?

Ash is in the early days of restoring a Kawasaki GPZ900R, a 1985 example that had been sitting in a barn for 28 years. 

He's already invested in the Haynes manual for the bike because: “I have nothing but good things to say about Haynes", and is documenting his restoration on Youtube.

Of his latest video, Ash says “you'll see me get the engine running on all four cylinders with a little bit of smoke to start with. I tweak the idle adjuster and carburettors and then sort the coil packs out. Hey presto, it seems to be running nicely... or is it?”