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Haynes on Trustpilot: a brand you can rely on

Haynes reviews on Trustpilot

The words “I’ve created a monster” aren’t the ones you’d usually expect to be at the head of a positive review on Trustpilot, but that’s the case with Greg Power from Australia.

You see, he’s purchased a motorcycle manual, and was very happy with the “prompt delivery”. So why the “monster” comment?

As Greg explains: “Now I want to rebuild the whole bike.” Best of luck, Greg – the manual will be an able assistant!

Haynes Trustpilot review

Mike D from the United States is similarly impressed.

He calls his Haynes manual “a must-have resource”, and says that he’s purchased a manual for every vehicle he’s owned.

“It's always been a reliable source for me to understand the mechanicals more, and gives me an opportunity to plan out my work.”

Haynes Trustpilot review

Addie Humphries, also from the US, is another long-time customer, who’s bought a manual for each of his vehicles, and right now he’s using our expertise to keep his 1988 Jeep on the road.

“It’s more necessary than the owner’s manual,” he reckons.

Haynes Trustpilot reviews

These guys all know one end of a screwdriver from the other, and have been looking after their vehicles for years, using Haynes throughout. And the fact that they’re willing to tell everyone about it through Trustpilot reviews proves that YOU can trust us, too.

We’ve been around for more than 60 years, so we have a depth of knowledge that few can even think about getting close to.

That bank of knowledge is easy for you to tap in to.

Try using Haynes, then give us a rating

It’s easy, and pretty commonplace, to feel a bit daunted when you’re faced with a repair on your vehicle.

But there’s no need for nerves. Vehicles are simply big Meccano kits, and everything’s held together by bolts, screws and clips.

As long as you have the right tools to hand, and read up on what to do beforehand, most jobs are pretty simple.

Once you’ve done the job, you can stand back and admire your work with a mug of your favourite brew in your hand, and a satisfied grin on your face.

So, why not give it a go? Use Haynes, and feel the happiness. And if you’re suitably moved, please do follow Greg, Mike and Addie by giving us a review on Trustpilot.