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What is P0010 code and how to fix it?

P0010 code

Got a Holden with a P0010 showing up on your fault code reader? How about a Mazda 6? Or a Chevy Captiva? The truth is, the P0010 code affects a variety of marques and will show up on a fault code reader once you've plugged it into your car's OBD port.

Here, we explain what this common fault code means.

What does P0010 mean?

P0010 is one of the most common OBD-II (On-board Diagnostic) codes. It indicates a problem with the engine's camshaft or camshaft position actuator. The vehicle's computer detects an incorrect signal from either part and triggers P0010 as a warning sign.

What are the symptoms of the P0010 code?

If you've got this code, it's likely that your car will suffer a loss of power. Additionally, you might experience difficulty starting the car and an overall decrease in performance.

VVT solenoid

What causes P0010?

The most common cause of P0010 is a faulty camshaft position actuator, or worn-out camshaft position sensor. It could also be an issue with the wiring or connectors, a damaged timing chain, a damaged camshaft, or a faulty fuel injection system.

Can you drive with a P0010 code?

This is pretty unlikely. You may experience a decrease in performance or difficulty starting the car, but you shouldn't be left without transport. However, it's recommended that you check out the issue as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

How to diagnose a P0010 fault code

Before attempting to fix the P0010 code, it's important that you first diagnose the issue properly. This can be done with an OBD-II reader and a set of spark plugs. By connecting the reader to your vehicle's onboard diagnostic port, you'll be able to gain access to any fault codes and read through them in order to determine exactly what needs fixing.

Your car's Haynes Manual will be able to help you to narrow down source of the fault, and will give you details about how to replace the faulty components, so just look up the issue and follow the step-by-step procedure and you'll be back on the road in no time.

How to clear P0010 code

The first step is to check for any loose connections and replace worn-out components. If the wiring appears undamaged, your next port of call is the camshaft position actuator or sensor.

If these are not the source of the problem, then you may need to replace the timing chain or camshaft. Your vehicle's Haynes manual will give you detailed instructions on how to access these components and what to look for in damaged items.