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Best Harley Davidson Haynes/Clymer Repair 2020

The Haynes Repair Show 2020

The winner of Best Harley Davidson Haynes/Clymer Repair for 2020 is Stephen Lord.

He said: "I bought an ‘86 Softail a few years back and have had no time at all to work on it until last spring. It's been sitting for a decade prior to me purchasing it and had gone through a real hack job of a renovation at some point in its life.

"Since the spring I’ve spent well over 400 hours working on her. The wire harness was a nightmare so I reran every last wire and electrical component on the bike. Switches, harness, lights, ignition, starter/solenoid, voltage regulator, stator/rotor, everything. Then she started up rather hesitantly but turned over none the less. After a carburetor rebuild, stone bored cylinders, new pistons/c-rods and the rest of the top end, gaskets all around, oil pump rebuild, primary/clutch rebuild, new oil/fuel/brake lines and new cables, brakes/rotors and obviously new rubber, she starts right up and I can rely on her to turn heads and get me home. Couldn’t have done it without your book, not even close."

Stephen wins a cleaning kit.

Runners-up were: Byron Howard, Tom Karr and Wayne Clark.

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