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Best Motorcycle Repair 2020

The Haynes Repair Show 2020

The winner of Best Motorcycle Repair for 2020 is Piet Reynolds.

He said: "As cars became increasingly more sophisticated in respect of tooling and diagnostics, and my financial status improved, I reverted to using my Haynes for emergency repair/understanding only. All that changed when the local Honda dealer went into receivership and I was left with a poorly, very recently serviced XL650V6. There's nothing a (British) Royal Navy Artificer can't crack so I got on and fixed it. Subsequently, routine servicing, minor and major as well as a clutch change, carb balancing, sprocket and chain renewal kept me running for 64,000 miles until I very recently sold to a friend. Now I have to wait another year before I can examine my new Triumph XRX and not break the warranty."

Piet wins a motorcycle lift.

The runners-up were: Fred Levy with a Triumph Speedmaster engine, Ben Butler with a DRZ400 and Howard Kirk with a Suzuki SV650.

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