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Coolant Tips and Tutorials Archive

Beginner’s Guide: What Is an Engine Thermostat (And What Does It Do)?

What Is an Engine Thermostat (And What Does It Do)?
A thermostat is a device that reacts to temperature to open a valve, or turn on a switch. A car’s engine thermostat is the component in its cooling system that opens and allows coolant to circulate once the motor is warmed up. This gives two main benefits: 1) It allows the engine to heat up to its...

Beginner's Guide: What Is the Expansion Tank (and What Does It Do)?

What is an expansion tank and what does it do)
An expansion tank is one part of a complex overall car cooling system that’s designed to keep the engine operating at exactly the right temperature. In the sealed cooling system that’s present on most cars, it is partially filled with air. The air in the expansion tank provides a ‘cushioning’...