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Everything You Need To Know About Tires: Difference Between Performance Tires vs Value - Part #3

Part #3 of this Tires 101 series goes through the differences between paying more for performance tires vs the lower cost tires. You might have a vehicle that will drive better on high-performance tires, but you might with higher performance low profile tires you will sacrifice longevity, road noise, and comfortability. You might even want this depending on your driving style for a particular vehicle you own. But if you're just trying to commute from A-to-B, you might just want to take a step down on the tire type and ride with comfort over bumps in the road and be able to hear the music playing in the background a little bit better, this is where all-season or touring tires come into the picture. 

This episode will go through some of these questions and by the end, you'll know what makes up a performance tire and the drawbacks that come along with it, as well as why you might not need it and value might be the best way to go to save money.