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Going To The Junkyard To Save Money

Have you ever thought about going to a junkyard, but felt like it would be difficult or even a little bit scary with the giant machines crushing everything around you?

Well, what if we said you could save anywhere from 30-60% off OEM parts for your repair. One of the things you might be asking yourself is why you would even go to a junkyard when you can just buy aftermarket parts, but what you should really be asking yourself is the part you need, something that requires the best quality that you would only find from the manufacturer?

Aftermarket vs OEM Parts

Aftermarket parts are the replacement or performance parts one can buy that is not manufactured, supplied, or distributed by your vehicle's manufacturer. Genuine OEM parts, also known as Orginal Equipment Manufacturer parts, are the parts designed specifically for your vehicle and are direct replacement parts.   

Quality: This is a big issue with some aftermarket parts. Although they can be very inexpensive compared to OEM, you might have fitment issues when going to install the part. Some aftermarket part manufacturers produce parts that are inexpensive and fit perfectly, while others do not. What's lost here when purchasing aftermarket parts if it doesn't pan out is your time and possibly money during refunds (i.e.- restocking or return shipping fees). OEM parts, on the other hand, will have the quality and fitment that can save you time, money, and headache. You'll have to make the best decision for your vehicle and wallet because new OEM parts are not cheap! 

However, if you are in need of or would rather get a replacement part that is genuine OEM, then the junkyard is where you want to look and we're going to tell you how to get them. Jon and Mark from the Haynes Garage head out to sunny Santa Paula, CA to Tri-County Auto Dismantlers to pick up a part for a 1994 Toyota 4Runner that had been in a small front-end accident. Check out the video and know what to expect when visiting a junkyard for the first time!