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Now on sale: Chevrolet and GMC Duramax Diesel Engine Techbook

Haynes Duramax Chevrolet GMC engine

Haynes' latest Techbook is for the 6.6-liter (402 cu in) V8 turbodiesel Duramax diesel engine fitted to Chevrolet and GMC trucks and vans from 2001 to 2019 - and is available to buy in print and online formats.

This comprehensive manual has all the information you need to maintain and repair your engine. With a Haynes Techbook, you can do it yourself. Haynes writes every book based on a complete teardown of the vehicle. We learn the best ways to do a job and that makes it quicker, easier and cheaper for you. Our books have clear instructions and hundreds of photographs that show each step. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can save big with Haynes!

Why buy a Haynes Techbook?

Each Techbook has:

Step-by-step procedures
Easy-to-follow photos
Complete troubleshooting section
Valuable short cuts
Color spark plug diagnosis

In addition, you'll also find chapters on:

Cooling system
Fuel system
Turbocharger and charge air cooler
Engine electrical systems
Emissions and engine control systems
Engine in-vehicle repair procedures
Engine overhaul procedures
Wiring diagrams

Buy your print or online copy today, direct from Haynes!



Duramax diesel engine Haynes Techbook