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Toyota Tacoma common problems (2005-2018)

Toyota Tacoma

Do you run a Toyota Tacoma? Would you like a little help keeping it on the road, and reducing the expense you’ll incur while doing so? Well that’s where Haynes can help. We can tell you what that sudden annoying rattle is, and why your Tacoma has developed a vibration. And what about if it won’t start? Well we can advise there, too.

And of course, if you get out the spanners and work on the car yourself, then you won’t face any annoyingly high workshop labor charges. That’s got to be a winner.

Toyota Tacoma

What recalls has the Toyota Tacoma been subject to?

Toyota builds reliable cars, right? Yes, it does, but nevertheless the Tacoma has been recalled for the odd issue here and there.

For example, the was recalled to have a parking brake locknut tightened to eh correct torque. Then a number of vehicles were recalled to have faulty side airbags replaced.

Then a whole load of Tacomas were recalled because an incompatible driver’s floor mat could foul the accelerator pedal, potentially forcing it to stick in the open position. That’d get your attention.

Toyota also saw fit to recall almost 500,000 Tacomas because steering vibration could affect the driver’s airbag assembly, and then it recalled almost 400,000 Access Cab examples because seatbelt pretensioner screws could work their way loose over time.

What common problems does the Toyota Tacoma have?

A leak. One of the most annoying things you can have in a car. But that’s what early examples of this generation of Tacoma suffered, because the 2TR-FE engine sometimes developed an oil leak.

And what about if the tailgate on your Toyota Tacoma becomes bent? That’s going to cause all manner of frustration.

It’s always a good idea to replace the HVAC filter in your Tacoma’s cabin, but this can cause another issue, because the glovebox can fall open repeatedly after you replaced the filter.

And if you notice your headlight being a bit dim then you aren’t alone because the Tacoma headlight is known to become discoloured and stained over time.

In some high-moisture environments the Tacoma can suffer an issue in which the clutch pedal becomes slow to return.


Toyota Tacoma

Does the Toyota Tacoma have oil-leak problems?

The Toyota Tacoma has been known to be afflicted by an issue that causes an annoying oil leak to leave dark puddles under the engine.

The issue lies with the crankshaft seal on the front timing cover, and the repair means that the crankshaft seal needs to be replaced.

Fortunately, we at Haynes are way ahead of you, and we’ve done the job already. The entire crankshaft seal replacement is covered in your Haynes Tacoma manual. It’ll take some time, but just follow the step-by-step guide and you’ll be fine. And you’ll be saving yourself hundreds of dollars in labor costs.

Toyota Tacoma

Does the Toyota Tacoma have tailgate problems?

Early examples of this second-generation Tacoma are known to have an issue in which the tailgate can become bent, making it all but impossible to close.

To fix the problem you’ll need to replace the tailgate, which is a job that entails removing all the various locking and lighting components from the tailgate, removing the old tailgate, fitting the new one and replacing all the relevant kit.

Again, we’ve already been there, so you’ll be able to do the job relatively easily if you simply follow the steps in your Haynes Tacoma manual.

Toyota Tacoma

Does the Toyota Tacoma have glovebox problems?

You think you’re doing the right thing by replacing the cabin filter in your Tacoma, and you certainly are, but it’d be doubly annoying if it caused another issue to arise. Well, it can, because sometimes this procedure can cause the instrument panel pin for the glovebox to become damaged, which then means the glovebox damper doesn’t seat properly.

However, we can show you how to easily remove the glovebox lid, and to then replace the glovebox dampener. There’s a comprehensive chapter in your Haynes Tacoma manual on interior trim, and this whole job is covered there.

Toyota Tacoma

Does the Toyota Tacoma have headlight problems?

Early second-generation Tacomas can suffer a problem with their headlights in which the daytime running light/turn signal lens can become distorted and bubbled. It can also appear cracked.

An upgraded headlight unit is now available, and it shouldn’t suffer this issue. So, the headlight unit simply needs to be replaced, which is a pretty straightforward task if you follow the relevant job in your Haynes Tacoma manual. Go on, it’s easy.

Toyota Tacoma

Does the Toyota Tacoma have clutch-pedal problems?

If you start to notice that your clutch pedal isn’t returning quite as quickly as it once did, then you’ll need to get the spanners out.

The task involves removal of the clutch release cylinder, and then cleaning it up. If it’s corroded, you’ll need to replace it.

Again, this removal and replacement will be listed in your Haynes Tacoma manual, so don’t be intimidated. We’ve got your back.