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AMC Car Repair Manuals

Formed in 1954, American Motors Corporation (AMC) was the result of a merger between the Hudson Motor Car Company and Nash-Kelvinator Corporation. After Renault acquired a major stake in AMC, the company produced models like the Alliance and Encore. The former was introduced in 1983 as a two and four-door sedan, while the hatchback version (Encore) entered the market in 1984. The company was eventually acquired by Chrysler in 1987 and renamed as Eagle.

AMC produced a series of engines that were used in all of their popular models. This started with the 3.0 liter Nash I6 and ended with the 3.0 liter PRV V6 engine built during the late 1980s. Automotive enthusiasts view AMC cars as highly collectible, due to the fact that they were great performance vehicles during their time. Our AMC repair manuals offer comprehensive, detailed information on your specific model and give you a complete handbook to handle your own maintenance and services.