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Saab Car Repair Manuals

Saab Automobile is a Swedish company that was founded in 1945. The first production model was launched in 1949, and in 1978 the Saab 900 launched, which quickly became its best selling car.

The Saab 900 was relaunched in 1994 and shared a platform with the Opel Vectra. Available in hatchback, sedan, convertible and coupe designs, the 900 was highly successful for Saab and earned the company a profit in 1995 for the first time in seven years. General Motors took a 50% ownership in Saab Automobile in 1990, and acquired the remaining 50% in 2000. The brand was subsequently sold to Spyker Cars, before going bankrupt in 2011. Production was finally halted in 2014 after unsuccessful attempts to revive the brand.

We have a range of Saab repair manuals available, with detailed information on your specific model. Our Saab repair manuals are ideal for car owners who want to handle their own engine overhauls, as well as DIY repairs and upgrades.