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Aprilia Scooter Repair Manuals

Owned by Piaggio, Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1945. Although the company started out building bicycles, they moved on to manufacturing scooters and motorcycles during the late sixties.

Some of the more popular Aprilia scooters include the SR 50 R, the Rally 50 Air, and the Sonic 50FT Air. The popular SR 50 R was first introduced in 1992 and has sold almost a million units while being the first scooter that featured 13-inch wheels, a direct injection engine, and liquid cooling. With a variety of Aprilia scooter repair manuals available from Haynes, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to handle your own repairs and services for your scooter. All of our Aprilia Haynes manuals have been written by experts, with firsthand experience of taking apart and rebuilding each scooter. You will have access to well-researched technical information and practical guidance on repairs.