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Small Engine Repair 5.5 HP through 20 HP Haynes Techbook (USA)

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Product description

Tools and equipment
Shop practices and safety
Tune-up and maintenance procedures
Carburetor adjustment and overhaul
Ignition system servicing
Charging and electric starting system servicing
Recoil starter repairs
Engine repair and overhaul instructions
Comprehensive specs

With a Haynes Techbook, you can do it yourself…from simple maintenance to basic repairs. Haynes writes every book based on a complete teardown of the vehicle. We learn the best ways to do a job and that makes it quicker, easier and cheaper for you. Our books have clear instructions and hundreds of photographs that show each step. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can save big with Haynes!
--Step-by-step procedures
--Easy-to-follow photos
--Complete troubleshooting section
--Valuable short cuts
--Color spark plug diagnosis

What's covered: 

Small Engine Repair 5.5 to 20 HP Haynes Techbook USA
Engines –

Briggs & Stratton

L-head engines

17000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    7 HP
19000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    8 HP
22000, 23000, 24000 series (horizontal cast iron)    9 & 10 HP
22000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    10 HP
25000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    11-HP
28000 series (vertical shaft)    12 & 12.5 HP
30000 series (horizontal cast iron)    12 & 13 HP
32000 series (horizontal cast iron)    14 & 16 HP


40000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    14 & 16 HP
42000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    18 HP

Overhead Valve (OHV) engines

115400 and 117400 series (horizontal shaft)    5.5 HP
161400 series (horizontal shaft)    9 HP
185400 series (horizontal shaft)    9 HP
235400 series (horizontal shaft)    10 HP
245400 series (horizontal shaft)    12 HP
260700 & 261700 series (vertical shaft)    14 HP
28E700, 28N700, 28P700, 28Q700 & 287700 series (vertical shaft)    16 HP


290000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    12.5 HP
303000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    16 HP
350000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    18 HP
351000 series (horizontal and vertical shaft)    20 HP

L-head light duty engines

H60, HH60, HSK60, V60, VH60, TVM140    6 HP
H70, HH70, HM70, HMSK70, HSK70, V70, VH70, VM70, TVM170    7 HP
H80, HM80, HHM80, HMSK80, V80, VM80 TVM195, TVXL195    8 HP
HM100, HMSK100, VM100, TVM220, TVXL220    10 HP

L-head heavy duty engines

HH80, VH80    8 HP
HH100, VH100    10 HP
HH120    12 HP

Overhead Valve (OHV) light duty engines

OHH55, OHSK55    5.5 HP
OVRM60    6 HP
OHM, OHSK, OVM, OVXL, OHV    11 to 13 HP

Overhead Valve (OHV) heavy duty engines

OH120, OH140, OH150, OH160, OH180    12 to 18 HP

K-series and Magnum engines

K141 (K-series)    6 HP
K161 (K-series), M8 (Magnum)    8 HP
K241 (K-series), M10 (Magnum)    10 HP
K301 (K-series), M12 (Magnum)    12 HP
K321 (K-series), M14 (Magnum)    14 HP
K341 (K-series), M16 (Magnum)    16 HP


MV16 (Magnum vertical shaft)    16 HP
KT17 (K-series twin cylinder)    17 HP
K482, M18, MV18    18 HP
KT19 (K-series twin cylinder)    19 HP
K532 (K-series), M20 (Magnum), MV20 (Magnum vertical shaft)    20 HP

Command -series overhead Valve (OHV) engines

CH11M (Command horizontal shaft), CV11 (Command vertical shaft)    11 HP
CH12.5 (Command horizontal shaft), CV12.5 (Command vertical shaft)    12.5 HP
CH14 (Command horizontal shaft), CV14 (Command vertical shaft)    14 HP
CV15 (Command vertical shaft)    15 HP


CH18 (Command horizontal shaft), CV18 (Command vertical shaft)    18 HP
CH20 (Command horizontal shaft), CV20 (Command vertical shaft)    20 HP

Honda G-series engines

GX160, GX240, GX270, GX340, GX390 (horizontal shaft)    5.5 to 20 HP
GV160, GV270, GV340, GV390 (vertical shaft)    5.5 to 20 HP


GX610, GX620 (horizontal shaft)    5.5 to 20 HP
GV610, GV620 (vertical shaft)    5.5 to 20 HP

Robin Robin/Wisconsin engines
L-head engines

EY23 (Robin); W1-230 (Wisconsin Robin)    6 HP
EY25 (Robin); EY25W (Wisconsin Robin)    6.5 HP
EY27 (Robin); EY27W (Wisconsin Robin)    6 HP
EY28 (Robin); W1-280 (Wisconsin Robin)    6 HP
EY35 (Robin); W1-340 (Wisconsin Robin)    6 HP
EY40 (Robin); W1-390 (Wisconsin Robin)    6 HP
EY45V (Robin); W1-450V (Wisconsin Robin)    6 HP

Overhead Valve (OHV) engines

EH17 (Robin); W01-170 (Wisconsin Robin)    6 HP
EH21 (Robin); W01-210 (Wisconsin Robin)    7 HP
EH25 (Robin); W01-250 (Wisconsin Robin)    8.5 HP
EH30, EH30V (Robin); W01-300V (Wisconsin Robin)    9 HP
EH34, EH34V (Robin); W01-340V (Wisconsin Robin)    11 HP
EH43V (Robin); W01-430V (Wisconsin Robin)    14 HP

PLEASE NOTE that this manual is intended for vehicles built to US specifications. Although it is useful when the products or systems are similar to those in other markets, there may still be significant differences, especially in areas concerned with safety and emission control.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Setting up shop
Chapter 2: General shop practices
Chapter 3: Troubleshooting
Chapter 4: Tune-up and routine maintenance
Chapter 5: Repair procedures common to all engines
Chapter 6: Briggs & Stratton engines
Chapter 7: Teumseh/Craftsman engines
Chapter 8: Kohler engines
Chapter 9: Honda engines
Chapter 10: Robin/Wisconsin Robin engines

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