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The best car videos on YouTube from Haynes

Edd China wheeler dealers

Looking for the best car and bike-related content on YouTube?

We love YouTube here at Haynes, and all it offers car, truck and bike fans. In fact, we've got our own channel that's chock-full of step-by-step videos that'll help you carry out popular maintenance jobs on various models. Check it out here and don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be informed when we upload new content.

Once you've done that, take a look at these videos from some of our favorite YouTube channels... and bookmark this page because we'll be updating it with new content regularly.

Edd China

Workshop Diaries – 1986 Range Rover V8 

Edd China – yes, he of Wheeler Dealers fame – has been up to all sorts of stuff since he left the TV show. You can find out exactly what here.

This video is part of an ongoing playlist that tells the story of Edd bringing a Mk1 Range Rover back to life. It had been parked in a mate's garden more than a decade previously and needed Edd's magic touch to restore it to its former glory.

You'll love this channel if you tuned into Wheeler Dealers to watch Edd perform miracles with Mike's dubious buys – lets hope there are many more videos to come!

Restore It

BMW E30 M3 Restoration 

Here's another restoration channel, this time from an amateur mechanic learning how to restore classic cars – and what a classic the E30 M3 is!

This example is a 1988 car that was exported from the US to Spain. In this video the wipers and central locking get some attention – future videos get it ready for a total respray, restore the subframe, sort out the leather interior and even restore the toolkit that came with the car.

Curious Droid

Concorde’s Overture – Will We Have a New Supersonic Jet Soon? 

As well as being car and bike mad here at Haynes, we also have a thing or two for planes, rockets, tanks and all manner of other vehicles. Curious Droid is fronted by Paul Shillito – as well as wearing some incredibly loud shirts, he produces some brilliantly researched videos on aerospace history, robotics, transportation technology and other similar techy subjects. This one takes a closer look at Boom SuperSonic's ambitions to launch Concorde's successor.