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Cars, bikes and boats on YouTube: highlights from Haynes

Falkirk Wheel Scotland

Looking for the best car and bike videos on YouTube?

We love YouTube and all it offers car fans here at Haynes. In fact we've got our own channel that's chock-full of step-by-step videos that'll help you carry out popular maintenance jobs on various models. Check it out here and don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be informed when we upload new content.

Once you've done that, take a look at these videos from some of our favourite YouTube channels... and bookmark this page because we'll be updating it with new content.

Edd China

How many guys does it take to change a sparkplug? 

Remember Edd China from Wheeler Dealers? We shared one of his Workshop Diaries videos a while back, in which a buddy's Mk1 Range Rover was getting some attention. It's a major 'Rat Rover' project that's going to take a while to complete, even with Edd at the helm.

In this video the guys get to work on the preparation work needed to separate the body from the chassis, specifically disconnecting the steering, brake pipes and electrical connections, removing the radiator, de-gassing the air-con (it's filled with R12, so the system will need to be converted to run on R134a), disconnecting the battery etc etc!

As you'd expect with one Edd's videos, watching others wielding spanners is really enjoyable, but the lunchtime banter round the table is also interesting.


Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 | Why Do People Buy These Bikes? 

January. Not the best time of the year to be riding your motorcycle, possibly – unless you live where snow is something you only see on Christmas cards, or in the Southern Hemisphere, where it's the middle of summer and bike riding is the only thing you're thinking about.

Vinny lives in New Zealand and rides a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 with a whopping 47bhp. "Why do people buy these bikes?" he asks, before proceeding to explain as he takes us on a ride down some truly scenic roads – just count those tree ferns as they whiz past!

If this video doesn't get you in the mood for working on your bike, nothing will.

Foxes Afloat

The Falkirk Wheel - How it Works! 

The UK used to have an enviable shipbuilding industry, and a canal network that once spanned 4000 miles. Scotland's best effort was the Union Canal and Forth and Clyde Canal, which stretched from Edinburgh to Glasgow and were linked by a series of locks at Falkirk. But when the canal industry went into decline the locks were dismantled in 1933 and the link between the canals was broken.

Fast forward to the turn of the century and the Millennium Commission helped to fund a reopening of the canal link, with the Falkirk Wheel being the star attraction. This awesome rotating boat lift is unique and well worth a visit – but in the meantime take a look at Foxes Afloat's video, in which Colin, Shaun and Otis the spaniel take a ride on it in their narrowboat.