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Fix Your Bike With Our New App!

Fix your bike with our new app!

Want to get the same great service and repair help for your bicycle that Haynes gives you for your car? We’ve just launched The Road Bike Manual, a new app for Apple iOS and Android phones that offers a complete guide to maintaining and repairing your bike!

We teamed up with the experts at BikeRadar to create the only app you need to keep your wheels rolling, and keep the cost down to just $2.99 for Android or iOS. That's like having an interactive pocket copy of the popular Haynes Bicycle Book, shrunk down and distilled to only the most important parts you need on the go.

For less than the cost of an energy bar, you’ll get more than 20 step-by-step how-to videos, 50 chapters covering all aspects of bicycle repair and maintenance,  and 40,000 words worth of explanation on the how and why of it all, plus new content updates every month.

For each of the service tasks we show you how to do it, tell you how long it will take, and list what tools you need to get it done.

Bike App Screen Grab

Our "Get Me Home" video series is full of on the spot roadside fixes aimed at getting you back home safely in the event of punctures, broken chains and other emergencies out in the middle of nowhere.

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