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Quick Guide: Resetting Oil Change Light In Your 2018 Ford Transit 350

Quick Guide: Resetting Oil Change Light In Your 2018 Ford Transit 350

The oil change light in your 2018 Ford Transit 350 serves as an important reminder for vehicle maintenance. Resetting this light after an oil change is recommended to provide accurate monitoring of your vehicle's service intervals. That’s why the following provides helpful information regarding a 2018 Ford Transit 350 oil reset.

While the process may seem daunting, it's relatively simple once you know the steps. This quick guide will walk you through resetting the oil change light in your 2018 Ford Transit 350, helping you maintain your vehicle with confidence.

Understanding Your Vehicle's Oil Change Light

Before getting into the reset process, it's important to understand why the oil change light comes on in the first place. Modern vehicles, including the 2018 Ford Transit 350, are equipped with onboard diagnostics systems that monitor various aspects of vehicle performance, including engine oil life. When the system detects it's time for an oil change (based on things like mileage and driving conditions), it triggers the oil change light to alert the driver.

Consult Your Owner's Manual for Your 2018 Ford Transit 350 Oil Reset

When it comes to vehicle maintenance tasks (like resetting the oil change light), your owner's manual is your best friend. It provides detailed instructions tailored to your specific vehicle model. 

If you haven't already, locate your owner's manual in your vehicle glove compartment or access it online through the manufacturer's website or Haynes. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the section covering oil change procedures and resetting the oil change light. Numerous online repair tips and tutorials are also available. 

Accessing the Reset Procedure

A 2018 Ford Transit 350 oil reset usually involves a combination of steps using the vehicle's controls. While the exact procedure may vary slightly depending on the model year and trim level, it generally follows a similar pattern. 

Again, refer to your owner's manual for the precise steps applicable to your vehicle. Common methods include using the information display panel or a combination of buttons on the dashboard.

Step-by-Step Reset Instructions

For your 2018 Ford Transit 350 oil reset, follow these steps:

  • Ignition On, Engine Off: Start by making sure that the ignition is in the "On" position, but the engine is not running. This allows you to access the vehicle's settings without the engine's operation interfering.
  • Navigate to Settings Menu: Use the controls on the steering wheel or dashboard to navigate to the settings menu on the information display panel. This menu often provides access to a number of vehicle settings and functions.
  • Locate Oil Light Reset Option: Within the settings menu, look for an option related to oil light or maintenance. Depending on your vehicle's make/model/year/etc., this option may be labeled differently but should be related to resetting oil change reminders.
  • Initiate Reset Procedure: Once you find the oil light reset option, follow the prompts to start the reset procedure. This might involve pressing a button or selecting a specific menu item to confirm your intention to reset the oil change light.
  • Confirm Reset: After beginning the reset procedure, the vehicle may prompt you to confirm your action. Confirm the reset to clear the oil change light and reset the system's maintenance schedule.
  • Verify Completion: Once the reset procedure is complete, verify that the oil change light has been reset. Start the engine and make sure the light no longer glows on the dashboard.

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